VOTEX - MADE IN USA - SMQDP046 Compact Stainless Steel Quick Oil Drain Valve Plug fits Ram Cummins 5.9 and 6.7 - MESS FREE and TOOL FREE (M18 x 1.5 X 12.7MM)


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For the fastest drain, warm engine before attaching drain hose.

Expected release date is Mar 30th 2023

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    • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our Votex quick drain plugs are MADE IN USA. From the Stainless Steel bar stock material to the hands that craft each individual one. We carefully and pridefully construct our plugs here in our home state of Wisconsin. This ensures that your plug will be manufactured with real quality stainless steel (Not Pot Metal) that will last for countless years to come. Included with the drain plug is an aluminum crush washer.
    • MESS FREE | HASSLE FREE – Lets face it, conventional oil changes are a mess and require gathering of needed tools. Our quick drain plug now is a tool free process with the included valve release 12" hose. Quickly drain your warm oil at a rate of a quart in less than one minute. Simply spin the hose on for a mess free release of your old oil directly into your waste container, never coming into contact with the waste oil.
    • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL - The drain plug market has a plethora of options which are constructed of soft metals. These are an inferior metal choice due to its strength and commonly shear/snap leaving you with a broken plug stuck in your oil pan. The plug body, valve, valve spring and cap are of the highest quality standard using stainless that will be strong enough to last years. Our steel is sourced from the states, promising not to be a weak recycled material often found in foreign metals.
    • SMALL COMPACT DESIGN - Reasoning? To keep maximum clearance for drain pans with a bottom drain hole. Bulky quick drain plugs that hang off your oil drain pan can be an issue if it contacts an object on the roadway. Our plug minimizes this caution as its size is not much more that the factory oil drain plug. Compact design also allows for more working room with drain hose during oil changes.

          STEP 1 - Warm Engine to Normal Operating Temperature and Remove Engine Oil Fill Cap Under Hood.

          STEP 2 - Remove Dust Cap (Use Caution, Cap will be Warm)

          STEP 3 - Thread drainer hose onto valve fully to drain oil into waste container. 

          STEP 4 - Install dust cap. Make sure to tighten so that it does not vibrate loose.

    • EASY TO INSTALL - Our plug will install in place of your current drain plug. It will arrive with an aluminum crush washer which is recommend to be replaced if plug is ever removed. FOR REPLACEMENT WASHERS SEARCH PART # ACWM18 - USES 7/8" WRENCH
No warranties of any kind on magnetic drain plugs, plugs are purchased "as is".

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Bridgewood INC is not liable for damage incurred due to incorrectly installed drain plugs. Inspect magnets prior to install to make sure there is no damage caused from improper handling in transit. When installing our drain plugs it is essential to make sure one consults their owner/repair manual to obtain the proper torque specifications. Note: Check to make sure there is proper clearance for the drain plug, slowly turn over by hand the engine or drive gear making sure there is no contact with internal components. Check your application for usage. Drain plug may differ from the factory OEM drain plug. Install plug at your discretion. Warm dirty engine oil before attaching oil drain hose for faster drain. Install oil drain cap just past snug to ensure a proper safety seal.